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What animal sightings one can expect at Chobe Forest Camp!


What animal sightings one can expect at chobe forest camp!

The Chobe Forest Camp itself is positioned in a game rich area. The beauty of Botswana is that it is an open system, with no fences, so the game travels freely so you cannot be guaranteed to see all animals but you would be unlucky not to have some interesting sightings. The dry season is best, when visibility is better and the animals are drawn to our waterhole. Elephants are common, Sable antelope visit almost daily along with all the common antelope species, Baboon and Warthog. Roan and Eland less frequently but very special to know these animals roam freely between Botswana and Zimbabwe. Leopard and Hyena visit almost daily although leopard are not easily seen, as they are shy and tend to drink when it is quiet. Lions move through occasionally as do the Wild Dogs. Huge herds of Buffalo visit in the summer months. Birding is also good at the pan and in the general area.

“Birding is also good at the pan and in the general area”

There are 3 game drive routes which we discussed previously. The Kazuma pan area, our closest game drive area has some unique and special wildlife. Ground Hornbill are common here and in larger flocks than most other areas. Crowned Cranes can be seen at certain times and overall the birding is very good in this area. The Kazuma area is also known for large herds of Giraffe, large herds of Zebra, Tsessebe, Reedbuck and the rare Oribi.

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“The Chobe river is famous for exceptionally high game concentrations and excellent birding”

Predators are quite commonly seen, especially smaller predators like Serval, Bat-Eared Fox and Jackal. There is always a chance to see any of the larger predators as Cheetah do well here and the high numbers of plains game attracts Lion and Wild Dog as well. This area is quiet with no park fees applicable.

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The river front drive – the Chobe river is famous for exceptionally high game concentrations and excellent birding. This drive is popular and park fees must be paid on entry. Afternoons tend to be the most productive in the dry season. Huge herds of Elephants and Buffalo along with many other species head to the river to quench their thirst.

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The Nogatsaa pans drive is the road less travelled. In most cases you won’t see other vehicles and a satellite phone may be a good idea if travelling in one car only. The grass can be high so spotting can be difficult at times but all species occur in these areas and you can be surprised with some very special sightings. There are now campsites at Nogatsaa which make this a very nice overnight drive.

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