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Chobe Forest Camp is situated in a wilderness area so we often find wildlife in and around the camp and often drinking at the local pan. Many clients are happy to relax in our viewing hide and enjoy the peacefulness and the wildlife which visit our local pan. For those who want to explore or track down some wildlife there are 3 recommended game drives which can be conducted from the camp.

1. Kazuma Pan

The Kazuma pans extends from Zimbabwe and through to Botswana, it consists of open plains, pans which hold water and beautiful mixed bushveld. It forms part of the Northern plains of Botswana which has very fertile soils and attracts large game numbers. At times it almost feels like Moremi Wildlife Reserve with its white sands…

2. Chobe River

The Chobe river needs no explanation, it is known the world over for its phenomenal wildlife opportunities. Thousands of animals from Impala to elephants and a huge number of birds can be seen along the Chobe river as this is the only large water source between the Kwhai river in the south and the Chobe river in the North… 

3. Eastern Pans of Chobe

The Northern plains extend into Chobe National Park to an area famous for large pans which hold water for most of the year. This is a longer game drive so a day trip is advised and only in dry season from July to October. Although we have driven to the first pans in just over an hour from camp it is worth taking your time to explore the pans… 

The ideal 4×4 self-drive destination

“Phenomenal wildlife sightings in a true wilderness area…”

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