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Explore Kazuma Pans

Kazuma Pan - the largest pan

18 22 22 17 S   25 30 50.84 E

The Kazuma pans extends from Zimbabwe and through to Botswana, it consists of open plains, pans which hold water and beautiful mixed bushveld. It forms part of the Northern plains of Botswana which has very fertile soils and attracts large game numbers. At times it almost feels like Moremi with the white sands interspersed with the swampy areas.

The area is known for huge herds of Giraffe, large numbers of Sable, Roan, Tsessebe, Oribi, Reedback and Zebra. Predators are found throughout in good numbers but with the vast spaces you cannot be guaranteed to see them. The Crowned cranes are often viewed in this area along with a host of raptors, ground hornbills and Kori Bustards. It is an easy 2 hour round trip from the camp and there are no additional park fees.

It is one of Botswana hidden secrets. There is limited access in wet season!

The ideal 4×4 self-drive game drive

“Phenomenal wildlife sightings…”

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