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Explore Chobe River

The Chobe River needs no explanation, it is known the world over for its phenomenal wildlife opportunities. Thousands of animals from impala to elephants and a huge number of birds can be seen along the Chobe river as this is the only large water source between the Kwhai river in the south and the Chobe river in the north. Huge numbers of animals migrate towards the water to quench their thirst and feed on the flood plains. Aquatic species are prolific and predators abound.

The Chobe river is 25 to 30 minutes from Chobe Forest Camp if using the tar road and most of this area is also very good game area. There is a route through the Chobe Forest Reserve but it is recommended to have your park permits in place.

A word of warning about the morning rush at the gates so please ensure you are there before gate opening times in the mornings if you want to access at first light. Afternoons seem to be the best time for the river and you will generally avoid the rush. Sunsets are phenomenal.

The ideal 4×4 self-drive game drive

“Phenomenal wildlife sightings along the river…”

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