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Explore Chobe’s Eastern Pans

The closest pan which holds good water

18 15 35.56 S 25 04 30.20 E

The Northern plains extend into Chobe National Park to an area famous for large pans which hold water for most of the year.

This is a longer game drive so a day trip game drive is advised and only in dry season from July to October.

Although we have driven to the first pans in just over an hour from camp it is worth taking your time to explore the pans in the area which include Tambika pan and Gokori which is close to the old campsites at Nogatsaa. One can go as far as Kwikamba which is the largest of the pans.

This area is extremely remote so when travelling alone we would highly recommend taking a satellite phone and GPS.

Self-drivers should also be experienced and a good 4wd vehicle is a necessity.

After visiting the closest pan you can then follow the track which runs all the way to Nogatsaa. This is prime game viewing area and pure wilderness.

There are numerous pans but the larger ones are as follows:
Tambika Pan: 18 16 33.50 S 25 01 28.40 E
Gokori: 18 17 02.29 S 24 58 49.04 E
Kwikamba: 18 19 16.17 S 24 53 17.35 E

The ideal 4×4 self-drive game drive

“Phenomenal wildlife sightings in this pure wilderness…”

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